A Beautiful Array of Tulle Tutu Skirts

View A Beautiful Array of Tulle Tutu Skirts

Our tulle tutu skirts are made with layers of tulle for a full skirt.  These are not the common tie wrapped tulle skirts. The tulle is layered and gathered and belles out in a beautiful shape.

A variety of other fabrics such as printed organza is used to add an extra beautiful layer on the top. The top layer of tulle can be directly embroidered on or add satin petals with a design all the way around.

We add an underskirt of satin or soft matching and coordinating fabrics to keep the tulle off the skin.

For a comfortable wear the elastic and tulle at the waist is enclosed in a satin waistband with a large bow that ties at the back.

We also sew a 3/8″ ribbon on the hemline of the tulle. This makes a beautiful finish as well as keeping the tulle from shredding.

Our Tulle Tutu Skirts are made to be worn and played in. Wash them when they get dirty and wear them over and over again.

Your little girl will love these skirts for everyday wear or dress up.

We are happy make orders for dance programs or ballet classes.

We also make these Tutu Skirts in Teen and Adult Sizes. They make great costumes for Halloween or other themed events. Teen and Adult sizes are made to be worn below the waistline and above the hip. There is no underskirt just the layers of tulle trimmed in ribbon and top layer of organza or embroidery if desired. Wear them over leggings or leotards for the perfect look. When measuring for size, please measure where you want your skirt to sit so the waistband is the right size.

This is a small sample of some of the skirts we make. Please browse our shop for all our options.

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